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Aluminum Composite Panels

About rightBOND

rightBond is a composite material made from aluminium and polythelene (ACM). With its high rigidity, light weight and exceptional flatness, rightBond is a versatile decorative material used in major industries worldwide. When Just Right launched rightBond, it was chiefly used for signage, and in the construction industry. Today, few of its applications are recognised as external claddings in reputed automobile showrooms and telecom emporiums. With outstanding long lasting coating qualities, rightBond is used for landmark projects and iconic structures globally. Just Right understands the need for innovation, and thus has formulated rightBond to meet these demands in the industry. The composite materials do not only boast high workability and corrosion resistance but also reflect high-quality finishes with an edge. We have also developed the technology for a fire-retardant core, rightBond/fr. Gas stations, tobacco outlets, retails signage and RVI’s, are few of its architectural applications. However, rightBond is not only limited to aluminium and polythelene. We also offer bespoke composite materials to exceed your expectations and meet your needs.

All our composite materials warranty up to 30 years.

Our features comprise of: -

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Excellent fire retardant characteristics
  • Even coating and countless colours
  • Exceptional UV characteristics
  • Matchless look - Prime shapes available
  • Supreme resistance
  • Unbeatable flatness and light weight
  • Effortless installation and fabrication


Product Types

rightBond® speciality comes with special finishes such as natural marble, wooden patterns, mirror and hairline finishes. Sparkling and iridescent colors are designed to create special effects. This series has especially been developed as an alternative to natural granites, timbers and metals. These finishes are available in PVDF and polyester and have superb weather resistant properties.

rightBond® production process consists of two production lines, a coil coating line and a laminating line. In the coil coating line, PVDF (Poly Vinylidene Fluoride) paints are applied to continuous aluminum coils with double coating and baking stations.

rightBond® PVDF comes with fluorocarbon coating for exceptional weathering properties by combining PVDF resin and inorganic pigments, outstanding durability due to strong combination among fluorocarbon molecules, good chemical resistance due to low surface energy and chemical inactivity, good anti-abrasion due to low ratio of moisture penetration, good adhesion to surface due to Thermosetting Curing Mechanism and various colors meet various needs of modern designs.

rightBond® solids comes with cutting edge solid and flat colors. These finishes are available in PVDF and polyester and have easy maintenance and application.

rightBond® nano treated with nano coating especially developed from a special nano multilayer coating technology. It gives superb performance as self-cleaning, pollution, oil and dust resistant, making the surface anti-graffiti. Giving long-lasting new look to the building structure.

rightBond® metallics consists of an elaborate selection in very high gloss and matt finishes. It is available in PVDF and Polyester and is treated under rightBond® eco. The two coat system permits the optimization of adhesion of the primer to pretreated aluminum coil and, at the same time, intercept adhesion. It has outstanding weather resistance.