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+971 4 8811 884 Saturday to Thursday 09:00 to 18:00 [email protected]

Our Values

Look closely, or through a distance. You will see it. It appears wherever you go. In fact, it is everywhere. - Your Ideas


Founded over four decades ago, just right® constantly seeks to captivate these ideas everywhere. Fuelled by a team of qualified engineers and professionals, we are driven by the vision of making our customers ideas come to life by providing the right products and right services at just the right time.

As a fast-evolving, dynamic company, just right® offers a wide range of products across an extensive spectrum matching international and global standards with our primary focus being meeting all user needs and compliance. Our mission is to create products that are adapted to varied market needs. We manufacture products that adorn external building facades, interiors, claddings and other architectural applications.


just right® was founded on principles of diversity, integrity, and accountability. We believe economic growth can, and must, be achieved with social and environmental responsibility.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is integrated into every part of the organization, from procurement, manufacturing and distribution to the way we treat our people and local communities. This is not only the right thing to do, we believe it is also essential for strong, sustainable growth.

Our sustainability strategy is formulated around three core values, Integrity, Accountability, and Diversity. With integrity, we strive to do what is right and keep up to our commitments. By being accountable, we deliver the promise of trust and craftsmanship to every customer, anywhere in the world. Our diversity helps us embrace and treat everyone with the same respect and dignity.


To achieve our vision of sustainable and responsible leadership, the Members of Board and Management are guided by a set of core principles.

They have undertaken the vow to promise carefully and deliver diligently, and build trust with fairness and humility. They aspire to embrace the challenge of continuous innovation with an aim to inspire all stakeholders to share the responsibility of sustainability.

Product integrity and quality improvement are our primary way of enhancing customer value. Product integrity focuses on managing the different stages of manufacturing. We address product integrity in our value chain through implementing leading quality management processes in our manufacturing operations. We also source from reputable companies based on the reliability of the sellers, and professionalism of the actors’ practices.