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Our Operations

Since our inception, research and development have been our top priority


Since our inception, research and development have been our top priority. Year after year, we have step up investment in this area of business to achieve competency. To ensure consistent performance internationally, our products undergo various tests and globally affiliated studies.

Studies on Rheological behavior and thermal, electrical, and weathering properties are what we focus on apart from studying the mechanical, optical, hydraulic, and chemical properties of our solutions. We also conduct Ion analysis and Chromatographic studies for continuous product upgrading. Our world-class Calibration Facility ensured accuracy in all testing operations conducted.

As a part of our extended research, we direct our effort towards understanding our customers needs in specific markets and domains and offer relevant technologically-advanced solutions that do justice to their imagination.


Converting this feedback into learning has been our vital step forward. Manufacturing, in turn, becomes a process of constant learning. We have a unique combination of skilled motivated manpower, advanced technology, and the right attitude that define our cutting-edge manufacturing practices.

Using state-of-art technology, we manufacture products with strategic inputs using fine sourced raw materials. The product then undergoes design, engineering, quality assurance at every step from inward receipts control, online control to finished product inspection, optimization, packaging, and shipping. With these vital processes and knowledge-based management practices, we have been in the forefront of the media manufacturing industry.

Our building and construction solutions are developed using the most leading-edge technology in our flagship production house. These architectural and design products are used for structural and surface cladding, roofing, internal portioning and interiors. Our products meet all global compliance and are crafted with the intentions of being weather resistant, durable and low maintenance.

just right® believes in making products and solutions that have diverse applications and worthy features.